An Update from FDA on the Revised Nutrition Facts Panel

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1. According to the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) of 1990, providing nutrition information on the Nutrition Facts Panel in the context of total daily diet is optional, not required.


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2. To help individuals better meet Dietary Guidelines, the new rules for the Nutrition Facts Panel focus on calories and serving sizes.

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3. The information on the Nutrition Facts Panel is intended for the general population ages 4 and older including pregnant and lactating women.

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4. The new Nutrition Facts Panel must now include information on added sugars expressed as a subcomponent of total sugars.

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5. Daily values for certain macronutrients and vitamins, minerals, and fiber have been adjusted either upward or downward based on the most recent scientific evidence.

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6. Including Vitamin D and potassium, which are nutrients of public health significance, on the Nutrition Facts Panel remains voluntary, rather than mandatory.

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7. Trans fat values remain required on the new Nutrition Facts Panel.

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8. The dietary fiber represented on the new Nutrition Facts Panel is now defined as fiber that has physiological effects beneficial to human health. Required manufacturers’ records help to verify this declaration for certain fibers.

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9. Serving sizes on the Nutrition Facts Panel by statute must reflect reference amounts customarily consumed (RACCs) rather than recommended servings.

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10. The Nutrition Facts Panel for packages of all sizes must have dual columns that list the calories and nutrient values for a single serving and the whole package.

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