Using Technology to Enhance Your Weight Loss Practice

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1. Research presented by the webinar indicates that use of technology such as cellphones/smart phones, computers, and tablets continues to increase in all age groups in the U.S., although older adults and lower incomes populations (who may be a greater risk of obesity-related health problems) are less likely to have quality access to such technology.


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2. Cumulative research suggests that technology interventions for obesity management are effective compared to no treatment controls.

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3. Research shows that Internet education in weight loss management (website with information about a structured weight management program and links to resources) is as effective as a structured Internet behavioral weight management program that includes counselor access to monitoring and weekly email feedback and communication.

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4. One important component of a technology-based weight management program that has successful outcomes is weekly feedback to clients that contains individualized behavior change recommendations.

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5. As a means of providing weekly feedback to weight management program participants, computer-generated "tailored" messages have been shown to be as effective as human counselor-generated feedback.

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6. Weight management education and feedback provided by group conference calls has been shown to be much less effective than face-to-face counseling.

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7. Self-monitoring, use of a structured program, and counselor feedback and communication have been shown across multiple studies to be key components of effective digital weight loss programs.

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8. Although research is limited, two problems experienced by consumers using commercially available weight management apps are the user's lack of engagement (not regularly using the app after a short initial period) and the app's lack of adequate evidence-based strategies for weight management.

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9. Wearable devices such as digital physical activity monitors are proving to be very useful components of weight loss programs because individuals tend to use these devices for many months, not just a few weeks.

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10. No matter what technology is used to deliver a weight loss program, email feedback has been shown to continue to be a very effective and accessible way to deliver counselor feedback and recommendations to program participants.

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